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Our Physical Body Can Be Shed Like a Winter Coat on a Spring Day, While Our Spirit is Effortlessly Released for It's Journey Home

For most, New Year’s Day is a fresh start. We look at the upcoming year as an unpainted canvas with infinite possibilities, full of anticipation and the hope that this year’s resolutions will last past March. For one of my former high school classmates it was a day void of future plans. Instead of football games and chicken wings, she stood next to her husband’s coffin with a gracious smile, tenacious strength and a tender hug for everyone.

At 53, he was the picture of health and an endearing husband, father and grandfather who succumbed to a deadly cancer diagnosed just months earlier. After spending three days in a whirlwind of planning, I couldn’t help think of how she would feel after his burial, when those around her returned to life as usual and when the last item was checked off her to-do list. With his clothes in their closet, dirty socks in the hamper, his toothbrush in the medicine cabinet and the faint smell of his presence, could he really be gone?

Standing at the wake, I wanted to scream, “He is NOT dead. He is standing right here wondering what all the fuss is about. He sees all of us, but we just don’t see him”.

Having somewhat sound judgment and an aversion to straitjackets, I did not.

However, the reality for myself and many of us in our fifties is that we are at that age where cancer can ravage a once healthy body and where heart attacks can strike in an instant. It is also an age where I have come to a full understanding that we truly are spiritual beings having a human experience.

After spending 10 years on national radio interviewing the who’s who of the spiritual and paranormal world, reading hundreds of books, conducting live ghost hunts, and yes, even seeing a couple “dead” people along the way, I couldn’t stand by and not share what I have come to learn and believe. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS DEATH. Our physical body can be shed like a winter coat on a spring day, while our spirit effortlessly releases and returns Home to joyously reunite with our eternal family.

To understand this can help reduce the crippling pain and grief that accompanies the loss of a loved one and to diminish our own fear of the unknown. That is not to say there won't be pain and tears, there will be. That is part of our human experience.

However, in those sad moments, just close your eyes. Fill your heart with love and the joyful memories that you've shared together. Feel their loving presence wrapped around you.

And know they are right there beside you.

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